An Enterprise App Store Built For Learning

Get serious about mobile learning

Insight is an Enterprise App Store designed from the ground up for learning. It manages the distribution of apps and learning content directly onto mobile devices. Designed to work in conjunction with an existing Learning Management System or as a stand alone, it gives a unique solution to the challenges when going mobile. With everything at a learners fingertips, it allows easy access to vital information at the point of need. It’s just what they need to stay one step ahead and do their job brilliantly.

Got Apps?

Insight takes the pain out of managing your Enterprise Apps. Apps can be securely managed and targeted to the right people to ensure they get what they need, when they need it. iOS apps can be distributed without the need of developers or 3rd party systems. Insight's got it covered.

Got Content?

Want to distribute content and not worry about producing apps? Using the same channels, Insight can get your learning assets quickly into the hands of your team on their devices. Share web-links to promote specific sites of interest or seamlessly send videos straight to your audience in seconds.

Change the learning landscape

Insight gives you all the tools you need to make your learners truly mobile.  Give them access to the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it. With your App Store you can maximise their potential by promoting hot content, granting access based upon user profiles or job roles and not be concerned with ownership of the devices they use.  Learners love it as it uses a familiar interface and truly changes the way they interact and think of learning resources.  It fully supports employee owned (BYOD), corporate owned (COPE) or blended strategies.


Move beyond courseware

Imagine having all your resources with you wherever you go. Whether it’s the latest “how to” video, sales presentation pack or product brochure, Insight can keep you connected to the latest and most up-to-date versions of all your content.  As digital assets can be pushed to devices as standard, Insight removes the need to commission bespoke apps in the majority of cases and can be accessed from any platform.  Move learning beyond costly formalised courseware and leverage existing materials. Corporate YouTube, right out of the box.


Just In Time advantage

Using device cache policies, learners can view digital learning assets when out of range of a 4/3G or WiFi connection, even while in aeroplane mode. Useful in areas with limited connectivity or on the move, it ensures the latest up to date information can be viewed when needed.  Insight helps organisations move towards the just in time learning reality and delivers information right at the point of need, regardless of connectivity.

Key Features

Feature Availability
SaaS Solution
Cloud Based
Cross Platform
(iOS 6+, Android 4.2.2, HTML5)
Brandable Look and Feel
Extensive Analyitics
(over 30 languages)
Enterprise Level Security
Single Sign On (SSO) Integration
Familiar User Interface
Catalogue Tailored To Learners
Distribute Videos*
Distribute Documents*
(PDFs, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word & Powerpoint))
Manage Enterprise Apps
Link To Public Apps
UK Based 24/7 Support
Secure Backups
*Automatic Version Refresh
*Control Offline Access

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