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Insight is your completely flexible

employee communications tool

Mobile communications, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Radically improve engagement and productivity for increasingly dispersed workforces on the move.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with an engaged, connected, empowered workforce

Award Winning Communications

Award-winning learning solution

“Most Innovative New Software Product” Gold, eLearning Awards.

“UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship” UK IT Industry Awards.

connect global

Connect with your employees

Manage and distribute vital tools, from documents and pdfs, to performance support, job aids and videos directly to your employees’ fingertips. Exactly where and when they need it, even without internet connection.

secure employee communications

Secure employee communications

Distribute sensitive, targeted and translated communications to employees around the world; proven within highly regulated industries where compliance is key.

Increase employee engagement

Increase employee engagement

Proven to reach and engage more front line staff, more quickly and more cost effectively than traditional employee communication channels.

improve productivity

Improve job performance and productivity

Deliver better customer brand experiences within highly dispersed companies and franchises around the globe, supporting sales growth and customer service excellence.

lms certifications

Familiar flexible design

Insight’s brandable interface gives your employees a greater sense of company identity, allowing them to feel connected. Direct and rapid access to employees on the go gives complete confidence and clarity of message.


Take a closer look at Insight

Over the past two years, the uptake of mobile devices in the workplace has been astounding. The number of people with a smartphone has increased from 22% to over 34% worldwide and to over 61% in the UK.

Our recent research with Towards Maturity showed that organisations are beginning to adapt to their tech-savvy workforce. Watch our short video to find out how you could benefit from doing the same.

Let’s Get Technical


Our ethos is simple; less jargon, better results. But for those times where we need to get down to the technical nitty gritty, we’ve put together a list of the Insight’s key features.

mobile learning

Content available offline across multiple devices

Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and OSX, so you can access content on the move, out of WiFi, 3G and 4G areas, and even in airplane mode!

lms compliance

Distribute a variety of multimedia content

Manage enterprise apps and distribute documents, pdfs, images and videos to targeted groups of employees, so they have access to vital information at the point of need. Content can also be saved for future reference.


Brandable look and feel

Completely customisable user interface which helps you to you stay on brand and users can instantly recognise and quickly adopt. Available in over 32 different languages!


Enterprise grade security

Ensure compliance and adhere to global regulations. Leavers are blocked to make sure that sensitive content can no longer be accessed, and we run regular, secure backups so your content is safe.

App Store SSO

Integrate with existing systems

Insight makes the implementation process seamless by integrating with existing intranets, LMSs and databases with Single Sign On (SSO) capability, and is extremely powerful when combined with our Empowered LMS.

analytics and reporting

Extensive analytics

And powerful reporting, meaning that you can develop a deep understand of what content your employees engage with, making the entire learning and communications process as efficient as possible.




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