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Insight is your completely flexible

Enterprise App Store

Distribute and manage communications and apps across your organisation with the simple and secure Enterprise App Store.

Insight allows you to send communications directly to employees’ phones and other devices wherever they are in the world.

This Mobile Application Management (MAM) tool allows your employees to download apps and resources on any device, any time, anywhere.

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What does Insight do?

secure app store

Secure App Store

Distribute enterprise apps and other content on the secure platform that has in-built tamper-proofing and blocks leavers from accessing content – even if they’ve downloaded it previously.

secure employee communications

Secure communications

Distribute targeted communications to employees around the world. Remove the risks associated with sending sensitive information via email.

Designed for the learner

Targeted content delivery

Only the user groups you choose have access to content. Send sensitive information with confidence and ensure that users easily find the apps and information they need.

tailored learning

Multimedia content

Manage an array of digital content in one system, including iOS Apps, Android Apps, MP4, MP3, pdfs and Microsoft Office documents.


Offline content

Users can download and save content to their device for access on the move, outside of WiFi and 3G/4G areas, and even in airplane mode!

App Store SSO

Integrate with existing systems

Insight integrates with your existing HR systems, intranets and LMSs, with Single Sign On (SSO) capability, even if you aren’t using Empowered LMS.


Why Use Insight?

Improve employee engagement

Increase data security

Improve customer experience

The Insight effect

mobile learning

Support BYOD

Insight can be used across a range of devices, on iOS, Android and all major desktop operating systems so all staff can access content on company-provided or their own devices.

personalised learning

Increase employee engagement

Reach your frontline staff immediately and signpost only the information they need to know. Insight is proven to be more engaging than traditional communication channels.

lms certifications

Connect with your brand

The brandable interface gives your employees a greater sense of company identity. Direct and rapid access for employees on the go gives complete confidence in your messages.


Analytics and reporting

Develop a deep understanding of what content your employees engage with so that your communications and apps stay relevant.




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