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Isn't it time to look beyond technology and understand

what your learners really need in an LMS?

Less Jargon, Better Results

An engaged and skilled workforce delivering a better return on your L&D investment quicker.

Introducing Empowered; the scalable, intuitive, cloud-based LMS designed to inspire learners.

A simple yet completely flexible solution to your learning needs.

Discover a LMS designed for learning today, so you are ready for tomorrow

Managed learning

All learning content, one system

Manage, distribute and evaluate your  key content such as eLearning, classroom training management, achievement tracking, virtual classroom and course feedback.

Designed for the learner

Boost your learner engagement

Simple, easy to use, and completely customisable and brandable interface that learners will instantly recognise and quickly adopt.

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

Drive your L&D strategy and experience great returns more quickly with a ready-to-go learning management solution that has Single Sign On and 3rd party API integration.

tailored learning

Unique learning experiences

Completely customisable from head office to localised employee, offering unique learning experiences, translated into over 32 different languages.

trusted technology

Your trusted partner

Proven within highly dispersed companies and franchises around the globe, delivering 64% increase in engagement for Volvo Car Corporation in 2016.

supporting learners

Inspiring career pathways

Inspiring learners to crave learning, supporting career pathways from Apprentice to Director.

Proven to increase user adoption

Reach, engage and train your employees, partners and customers.

With the simple to use Learning Management System that grows your talent and grows with you.

Deliver global compliance and improve standards across your business.

Be Inspired To Learn More….Be EMPOWERED


Let’s Get Technical

Our ethos is simple; less jargon, better results. But for those times where we need to get down to the technical nitty gritty, we’ve put together a list of the Empowered LMS key features.


Cloud-based LMS

Empowered supports huge amounts of data by using a secure, highly performing, enterprise-grade cloud which is regularly backed-up, meaning quick and efficient access to content and compliance with global data protection regulations.


SCORM compliant

By supporting a wide range of content sources and authoring tools, you can empower your learners with high quality, tailored content that will increase engagement and develop their careers.


Powerful reporting and analytics

With the ability to create custom reports alongside over 50 standard reports, you can gain deep insight into what content resonates with your staff, giving you the knowledge to improve their learning experiences.


Personalised Learning Zone

Shows all mandatory and suggested learning relevant to the learner at a glance, minimising time spent searching the catalogue and promoting immediate engagement. Learners can even save their favourite content for future reference.



All content syncs seamlessly between desktop, tablet and mobile devices, meaning that learners can consume content in their own way, fully supporting BYOD.


Class schedule planning interface

With a sophisticated assessment system, so as a trainer you have all the tools you need to manage and deliver learning to support personalised development plans.


Completed Courses


Registered Users


Completed Assessments

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